Fine Art

My work explores the idea of a partial narrative. Using mundane objects and neutral situations I introduce an implied scenario through editing, cropping, and specific selection of imagery.  The viewer is led to their own assumed explanations of what they’re seeing. It is not my intention to lead the viewer directly to their final assumption, but rather to prod them in a general direction, letting them continue on the inevitable path that would lead them to question the roots of their narration. By placing objects in unusual circumstances a host of varying possibilities come to mind. Within these possibilities comes an ugly seduction that causes a paradox of desires—to escape and to explore.

Addressing the idea of every person’s universal taboo, things that are kept secret or un-mentionable, makes the work seductive in a voyeuristic way. The imagery is manipulated to suggest shady, promiscuous, or impishly raw scenarios. Naïveté and whimsy intermingle with dark ambiguity, a vague reference to sexuality or violence. Promiscuity and vulnerability overlap in a narrative that is half-real, flirty and simple.


Images upcoming . . .


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